Ryan shows great knowledge in acupuncture and it’s value in physical therapy. His treatments are very targeted and show’s results already after the first session. During a session he will explain his procedure every step of the way so that you know the reasons for the treatment and makes you feel at ease.”

Ryan’s intellectual aptitude, and critical thinking skills is what’s making him and excellent practitioner of Oriental Medicine. It was a privilege to have had Ryan in a couple of my clinical shifts. I would, without any reservation, solicit his acupuncture services as I totally trust his reasoning and skills.”

Joseph Douat,

I have had a heart arrhythmia for some time since I went through a really difficult emotional experience in my life. My heart was always racing when I was stressed and it made me very anxious all the time which made my heart rhythm get even worse. I was afraid to see my MD because I knew something like this goes on your insurance record forever and you will always have trouble getting coverage or may even get dropped in the future for a pre-existing condition. I knew the problem started at the same time as this painful emotional experience and I felt that I should try alternative medicine before I started taking some pharmacy drug every day for the rest of my life. Ryan was able to really dive into the cause of my heart problems and gave me an herbal formula that I made into tea each day. I was a little leery at first but it had cinnamon in it so it actually tasted ok and within a few days my heart stopped missing beats! Ryan has encouraged me to see a specialist just to check and with my anxiety under control I have now made an appointment. I was amazed at how quickly it worked since I had this problem for months. I am still taking the tea now, over a month later, because I feel it really settles me and helps me sleep at night. I am so thankful to Ryan for really treating me like a person instead of a disease. He saw that I was an individual and needing to be treated as a unique case which gave me a sense of healing beyond the physical needs, helping me heal emotionally as well.”

I saw Ryan twice for acupuncture, with a focus on fertility. (I think you get a lot of patients like this, so a little bit more about me: Tall, dark, almost black hair; trying since July to get pregnant; acupuncture wasn’t covered under my insurance but I had flexible spending money from the year to use; acupuncture made me feel really energetic.)

Well, I just wanted to let you know — it worked! Thank you so much! It’s still really early so I don’t want to get too ahead of myself, but I am 10.5 weeks pregnant, and so far, so good. I go back in the mid-June time frame for my 3 mo. checkup and the genetic screening. After that I’ll have a good idea of the health of the baby. We’re obviously so excited and hopeful.

Thanks again for your help! I do hope to see you again sometime, as acupuncture with you made me feel great, and obviously was successful treatment for my condition. :)”

As you can imagine, willingly allowing someone to stick needles into you is an act of Trust. Thankfully Ryan is one of the chosen! Not only do I trust his ability to make the most skillful and diagnostic decisions, he has an amazing way of making you feel safe.”

I thought you might be interested in the results of my treatment here. I was in to see Ryan for a second treatment to induce labor. I had a few contractions while I was there and started having very regular contractions once I was home. Our daughter Francesca Anne was delivered Thursday April 7th at 11:56am. We had been scheduled for a cesarean that day at 12 noon! Thank you!”

I have been having a lot of difficulty with hot flashes and insomnia at night over the past six months. Even during the day I was feeling like I had to keep taking off and putting on layers. At night I was waking up in the early morning with my heart racing and feeling anxious for reasons I did not understand. After meeting with Ryan and taking a Chinese herb formula for a few weeks I began to sleep much better and the hot flashes decreased in frequency. It’s been two months now on the herbs and I do not wake up at all at night and only have 1-2 times a day when I feel warmer than I should. Thank you for your help!”


My experience with Ryan from Marinwood Community Acupuncture was fantastic. I came to Ryan late in my third trimester, pregnant with my 4th child, with hopes of receiving treatment to help get labor going and hopefully decrease the amount of time I was in labor. Each time I received acupuncture the experience not only was extremely relaxing, but the treatment also stimulated contractions and labor started the following day after my third treatment. Ryan was wonderful to work with, he took the time to listened to my needs, and I felt confident in his knowledge and ability.”

Marinwood Community Acupuncture’s Ryan Dempsey is a marvelously gifted practitioner of Chinese medicine. Ryan effectively alleviated the pain and swelling in my right knee over the course of several acupuncture treatments. Furthermore, his gentle manner and the serene treatment environment contribute to an always pleasurable experience. My special needs sister is a Ryan Dempsey enthusiast who loves her acupuncture treatments and Tui Na massage. I highly recommend Ryan and his services.”


After a year of ups and downs and some major crisis in my family and at work I was really struggling with stress, feelings of anxiety and experiencing a drop in my energy level overall. At the recommendation of a friend I began to explore acupuncture. After working with Ryan, I noticed an improvement in my energy level almost right away. After 3 appointments I began to feel like I was able to communicate how I was feeling and gained a sense of confidence, instead of being overcome by my emotions. This was a huge step for me, prior to this I was unable to communicate with my boss because of my anxiety. After those first three sessions, I was able to stand up for myself, and communicate clearly with my boss. It was amazing! Through acupuncture, Ryan has definitely helped me gain confidence, clarity, and a sense of balance. I would highly recommend him.”

Let me start this review by saying… I DON’T like Acupuncture. I LOVE Chinese Medicine and it’s many benefits, but the actual needle part…. and lying there still for 45 mins is torture to me. I just can’t close my eyes, relax and fall asleep like everyone else seems to do with no problem. I hate being so restless and anxious, but it’s just who I am. Either way, I would do anything to get rid of my tortuous PMS symptoms and even worse, symptoms of Hashimoto’s. I’m 32 and feel like I’m 50 most of the time, even though I eat a super healthy diet AND practice yoga. I came to this place, because I don’t have health insurance, loathe medical doctor offices and wanted affordable acupuncture! Ryan was my guy, and I loved him the minute I met him. He’s so laid back and kind, and talked to me, for what seemed like forever, about all of my symptoms. I have NEVER had a doctor listen to me or talk to me this way. The actual acupuncture part was uncomfortable for me, but it always is since I can’t seem to relax. I went back for a second time anyway, because I want so badly for something to work….. anything to get rid of my exhaustion. Again, totally restless. Ryan pointed out that since I can’t relax during the session, it may not actually benefit me the way it does others and that he wanted to start me on Chinese herbs only. WOW. Clearly these people really care. He’s actually saving me money, because I planned to go back at least once a week. I’m giving it five stars because of this. Ryan is simply awesome. And so is this clinic!”