Chinese Sports Medicine

In a community as active and vibrant as the San Francisco Bay Area, there are many men and women who choose to incorporate regular exercise into their lives. Whether these people are runners or cyclist, martial artist or daily walkers, the Bay Area is unique in what it has to offer anyone who wishes to enjoy our region’s stunning outdoor scenery.

Along with regular exercise comes not only better health and conditioning, but also, regrettably, an increased chance for muscle and joint injuries. The muscles of our bodies work like a system of pulleys, one muscle balancing the strength and stretch of its partner. If one muscle of our arms or legs is strained through repetitive use or sudden over exertion, then, without treatment, a cascade effect of tightness and pain can radiate out from the point of injury. This pain can limit our range of motion, and worst of all for athletes, it can prohibit us from participating in those activities that bring peace and balance to our lives. While these acute injuries may reduce in severity on their own through time and painkillers, they do not ever fully heal unless balance is properly restored to the paired muscle groups in that area of the body. An example that many of us are familiar with is the reoccurring ankle injuries that can plague an athlete after that first initial sprain on the supporting ligaments in the foot. The pain and swelling in the joint may disappear but the weakness and vulnerability remains, and the injury is likely to re-occur.

Chinese sports medicine combines the modalities of acupuncture, external herbal applications, and sports massage to alleviate the chronic pain and weakness of old injuries as well as speeding the recovery of more acute cases. In the case of acute trauma, gentle application of acupuncture and massage can help increase circulation to the injured area, removing the damaged cells and tissues that accumulate in the area during the initial swelling and inflammatory phase. As the recovery moves into the first weeks following the injury, these therapies offer the body continued reminders of the need to focus its healing efforts on the original site, to alleviate any point of potentially chronic weakness. By balancing the surrounding muscles and maintaining increased circulation in the ligaments and tendons, the muscles are able to retrain themselves after the trauma, and the patient is able to more quickly return to activity and the rehabilitative process. The application of external Chinese herbs is effectively paired with acupuncture to provide a complete approach to the problem area, treating from both the exterior as well as from within the damaged tissues themselves.

Chinese sports medicine offers athletes a valuable tool in their sports, by providing the muscular stability and body awareness to prevent injuries. In those instances when our bodies do suffer trauma through our commitment to our lifestyle, acupuncture and massage are there to get us back in the game, alleviating not only the symptoms but also the root cause of the injury. Please contact us today to see how you can perform better through our medicine.

The treatment provided for me by Ryan Dempsey has made a difference in my performance as a Professional Golfer and my over all health and well being. The combination of acupuncture and chinese message has worked where other treatment has failed. Their attentiveness, knowledge and skill are great combination.”
John N Grund