Men’s Health

A male’s lifecycle revolves largely around the increasing levels of androgen hormones in his early years and their subsequent decrease following middle age. These changes in male testosterone levels can lead not only to desired gains in bone density and muscle mass in young men, but also the less desired developments, such as acne and emotional fluctuations. Though our hormone levels stabilize somewhat in our middle years, they begin to decrease as men enter their forties and fifties. This often causes erratic emotional behaviors such as self-doubt, spontaneous purchases, and many activities that involve the male seeking to regain his sense of youth. Coupled with the emotional changes that occur during these years, men also become much more susceptible to increased risk of coronary artery disease, prostate enlargement, increased hair loss, and a decline in libido. Western medicine has come up with a variety of pharmaceutical methods to treat these various manifestations of the aging process in males, but have failed to address the larger issues of hormonal change that are behind this constellation of symptoms. Chinese Medicine has the ability to look at the larger picture of a man’s health and seeks to understand the underlying causes for the later age diseases that men suffer from. Through the use of acupuncture and herbal medicine, an impact can be made on the whole system, without some of the unfortunate side effects of the individual medications that are needed to address the singular complaints of balding, low sex drive, or decreased strength. If a positive outcome can be achieved through alternative medicine alone, than a man’s health will be placed once again in his hands, and he can continue to regain his youthfulness through his own commitment to wellness.