Tui Na Medical Massage is a form of therapy that is widely used throughout the Chinese Hospital and rural health care system. This form of external therapy involves manual manipulation of the muscles and ligaments of the body, with the ultimate goal of freeing the energetic meridians, or pathways, of the human body. A wide variety of hand techniques are included within Tui Na, and treatments are always customized to fit the needs of the specific condition a patient may present with. A rolling or wave like technique is often used to gently rock the body during treatment, and when done by a master, these movements are capable of producing a wave pattern down to the cellular level. The practice of Tui Na creates a cascade effect of relaxation from the skin level to the deepest tissues of the body.

Within the broad system of Tui Na massage, patients are directed to specific departments of medicine, much as one would in an Acupuncture or Herbal Medicine hospital. Patients are treated for respiratory illnesses that require loosening the muscle of the upper back muscles to release constraint and percussion techniques to increase lung function. Digestive disorders are addressed with techniques that increase proper intestinal peristalsis and the downward energetic movement of the stomach. Orthopedic disorders are dealt with through direct massage of spasm and adhesions within the musculature, and joints are loosened to facilitate greater range of motion.

Ultimately, Tui Na massage is working within the exact same theories with which the clinic currently treats our patients. Acupuncture meridians are opened to free energetic movement, and points are stimulated to increase proper biologic function with the body’s organ systems. It is a very beneficial form of medicine in its own right, and a powerful adjunctive therapy for those already enjoying the results of acupuncture and herbal formulas.