I have heard that Acupuncture is effective for pain conditions but what else can it treat?

Chinese Medicine, including acupuncture, is a complete medical system and is used widely in China to treat almost the complete list of bodily diseases.  Entire hospitals treat patients using Chinese Medicine exclusively and often acupuncture is the primary modality a patient is treated with, only seeking standard western care as a secondary option.  Besides pain, acupuncture can benefit disorders of all the organ systems including but not limited to cardiovascular, visual, auditory, reproductive, sleep, neurologic, urinary, digestive, and much more.

Does the clinic specialize in any areas of care?

Our clinic specializes in women’s health from adolescents to adulthood with an emphasis on reproductive and peri-menopausal conditions.  Fertility patients make up a large part of our clinic’s patient population and treatments work with women who are just beginning to try and become pregnant, those who are utilizing Assisted Reproductive Technology, or those who are needing help coping with the difficulties of hormone therapy or the loss of a pregnancy. All of our continuing education and study focus on helping women through the cycles of their lives.

I generally do not like needles should I be afraid of trying acupuncture?

Acupuncture needles are significantly smaller than the needles you have experienced in either clinics or hospitals.  While the diameter of the needles can vary depending on the needs of the patient, our smallest needles are only slightly wider than a human hair and are used with the utmost care with each patient.  Acupuncture should not be painful and a deep sense of relaxation and calm come over the patient during an average treatment.  Acupuncture has a great deal of potential benefit to each person and it is worth trying as it offers real hope in improving the quality of your life

What other options of care are available within Chinese Medicine besides acupuncture?

Besides acupuncture, our practitioners are highly trained in Chinese Herbal Medicine and therapeutic massage.  There is a great deal of benefit to a patient through the use of herbal medicine or massage alone and a consultation with one of our providers can further enlighten a patient on the amazing potential of herbal medicine and massage at our clinic.

It is my first time getting a treatment, is there anything I should do to prepare?

Before coming in for your treatment we strongly encourage you to eat a moderate meal. Acupuncture often lowers people’s blood pressure and this can make one feel lightheaded if they have not eaten for several hours. It is never a good idea to come in for a treatment if you are very hungry so please have a snack first.  For clothing, you can wear something loose fitting and comfortable which allows access to the areas of pain and discomfort. Please wear shorts if possible to allow access from your elbows and knees down.  The rooms will always be temperature controlled but if you are someone who frequently feels cold then bring an extra layer in case you feel that you need one.

How much does an acupuncture session cost and how long does it take?

A session at our clinic usually lasts about one hour and involves a detailed discussion about each patient’s condition, an evaluation of the likely cause, a full treatment of acupuncture, and any relevant advice concerning diet, meditation, or physical rehabilitation.  The cost of a single treatment in community setting is on a sliding scale from $20-40 dollars. Private sessions in private setting cost $70 dollars. Your treatment can be paid for with either cash, check or credit card.

How many treatments will I need to get better?

Every patient has unique needs and it cannot be said for sure how quickly a patient will recover from their illness.  Generally, an average course of treatment is six sessions though many benefit more quickly and the needs for treatment will be addresses on an individual basis.  When considering how long you may take to recover, please consider how long you have been suffering with your condition and place the timeline of recovery in context with the duration of you illness.

How much training does a practitioner of Chinese Medicine need to practice in California?

All California licensed Acupuncturist have completed a four year Masters of Science program in addition to their undergraduate studies.  There are some Medical Doctors practicing Acupuncture who have taken a very limited 300-hour course of study in rudimentary basics in order to practice.  Traditional practitioners of Chinese Medicine, such as our practitioners, have completed in depth studies in Western Health Sciences as Well as Eastern Medical theory and nutrition.  Our practitioners have also completed an extensive complimentary course in medical massage to augment their skills in acupuncture and herbal medicine creating a complete practitioner able to effectively treat our patients through the best of multiple modalities.