About Our Clinic

Marinwood Community Acupuncture Clinic was founded with a mission to help people return to the activities that bring them joy and balance in their lives.

Clinic Policy:

The policies of the clinic are put in place to establish a professional atmosphere and to protect the rights of the patient and practitioner. If we want to have a great community clinic than we all need to work together as a community to maintain its success.

Patients are encouraged to book online whenever possible through our scheduling system. Please also download and fill out the New Patient paperwork which can be found on the home page under the appointment booking link. Following the first visit patients will be encouraged to book their initial series of treatments ahead of time for the first two weeks. This is to ensure that the practitioner will have the needed follow up with the patient and to ensure that ideal times are found in the schedule for future visits. This series usually includes four to six initial visits over a two week period followed by a re-evaluation with the patient and their practitioner. Acupuncture works best when done in high frequency over a short duration to repeatedly re-enforce the message to the area of dysfunction in the person’s body.

Please were comfortable clothing that will allow access to the area of pain and also allow accessibility to the area from your elbows to your fingers and your knees to your toes. Work out clothes are always a great option which allow warmth and easy adjustments when needed.

Payments for the Community Clinic are offered on a sliding scale in order to                                                                                           help patients of all economic demographics. Our goal is to have you come more often for a lower rate, not just offer a lower rate and not see you follow up with your treatment plan. When dealing with acute injury or emotional stress, it is better to come often in a short period of time rather than seldom visits over a long period of time. This is the method of most successfully practice in China and the US today.

Initial Visit Costs: $35-65 dollars per visit. Please pay what you can afford to pay in that range.

Return Visit Cost: $25-45 dollars per visit. Please pay what you can afford based on the needed frequency of visits.

Re-evaluation and Extended Consult: $30-60 dollars per visit. This is to address new complicated concerns and deeper questioning by the patient in private.

Private Treatments: $70 dollars per visit. Additional half hour of massage can be purchased as needed by the patient.

Therapeutic Chinese Medical Massage: $60 for a 50 minute massage.

ALL CANCELLATIONS OR NO SHOWS WITHIN 24 HOURS ARE SUBJECT TO A $20 FEE. This is done not to penalize the patient but as the only means of ensuring that the clinic can offer the low rates that it does. In order to have a functioning community clinic the patients must become part of that community and take responsibility for their commitments. Thank you for your understanding about the importance of this issue of professional conduct.