I will be taking on some additional responsibilities at home for the next year and will be working on a reduced 4 day a week schedule during that time. I have added additional hours on those days to try and create more opportunities to book appointments.

New hours for the clinic are posted on the main screen and are as follows.

Monday 4-7pm
Teusday 9-12pm
Wednesday 4-8pm
Thursday 9-12pm

Maine Lights


One of my favorite part of visiting Maine’s coast was the amazing preservation they have done of their network of nearly 70 lighthouses along the inlets and bays of the state. Working in conjunction with the local community, State Parks system and National Coast Guard they have done a wonderful job of keeping the lights going and buildings maintained.


Local activist have raised money many times to save this iconic landmarks and as a visitor of the state of Maine I was so grateful for their efforts. Each light was unique and I hope to make it back and visit many more of them.


Grateful for our National Parks – Acadia National Park and Cape Cod National Seashore


I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit some of the great parks on the Eastern Seaboard this summer while traveling with my family. Spending time in the different regions of the United States is such a interesting way to experience the diverse viewpoints of our country’s citizens. It is easy when living in Marin/San Francisco to feel insulated in your beliefs and values and to have the misconception that the majority of people believe in the same things or share the same ideals.


While I do believe that we all desire the same basic goals and dreams for ourselves and our children we certainly have a wide array of ideals on how to got to those goals and achieve those dreams. People in once powerful lumbar economies in Maine and New Hampshire have different needs politically than I may have as a urbanite in San Francisco.


Men and women in the Portugese fishing communities of Cape Cod and Provincetown have wishes for their livelihood that I have to recognize may conflict with my desires to preserve more of the oceans and shorelines.


It is really important to see our environmental world through the eyes of those who work the resources in the environment and contrast that with those of the conservationist. In the end it is clear that we are both outdoor enthusiast but with conflicting views on how best to manage our natural world.




The clinic will be closed on the following dates this summer for continuing education and adventure:

October 8-23rd
October 27th-31st

Orcas Island


I think when most people on the West Coast think about visiting an island they visualize the warm and sunny beaches of Hawaii. Certainly in the grey and wet weather we have been having in March I have been letting my mind wander to those blue waters. It can be a great escape from the seasonal gloom to visit somewhere so radically different. Sometimes, there can be a rebound effect when we come back home and have to re-embrace the Winter elements and cloudy days.


I would like to recommend visiting some of the many islands off the coast of the Pacific Northwest in the Winter. It may seem like a rough time to get on a ferry and head out from the coast but it’s a wonderful way to both get away from our local environment without escaping the realities and joys of wild Winter storms. Many of these islands are easily reached from Seattle or Vancouver and Washington State has a amazing ferry system for both cars and passengers. It really is a wonderful way to travel at a pace slow enough to just sit and stare out the window.


I visited Orcas Island this last month and found it to be a real paradise of old growth forest, waterfalls, and bays dotted with State Parks, like Camp Moran, and small villages, like East Sound. So many well kept trails and interesting lodges and restaurants to visit not to mention hours of just watching what the wild Northwest Ocean can throw at you. I hope you get to check it out and the San Juan Islands in general someday soon.


Grateful for our National Parks – Zion, Arches, an Canyonlands


It was only after traveling across the whole of the Southwest of the country could I really begin to appreciate how many different forms of the desert there were. Leaving our country and seeing South America, Asia, and the Middle East allowed me to see that the deserts of the planet may be more varied than any other climate we have. The Four Corners area of the United States has long held a special place for many American and foreign visitors and I am happy to be part of that crowd. From Salt Lake City to Las Vegas or Phoenix it is possible to pass through seven different National Parks. There landscapes so varied from grand arches to hoodoos to the deepest canyons on the Earth. I hope you will have time to visit them all.





Grateful for our National Parks – Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons



Only a quick five hour drive south from Glacier National Park and you can arrive at the gates of West Yellowstone. Yellowstone is an area nearly as large as a small state. In many ways it is much more of a driving and animal safari setting than one for long hikes but in this it is amazingly unique. Even in the height of summer, if one rises with the sun, you can drive the long circle road and catch a glimpse of Buffalo, Grizzly and Black Bear, and Elk. The camping facilities are very good despite the crowds and offer privacy when one wishes to withdraw from the crowds. Each of the individual lodges or ranger stations around the loop road are unique and offer a historically preserved set of buildings and natural habitats.





In the Grand Tetons the Snake River winds its way through some of the most dramatic mountains in the country. The Tetons rise suddenly from the plans and seem to cut at the sky. So incredibly different from the gradual build of our Sierra Nevada.




Grateful for our National Parks – Glacier National Park


As I spend more time looking back on the past year and all the wonderful experiences which I am grateful to have had I chose a few to share with you. I give all of myself to my work and I give all of myself to the breaks I take from it. Whenever possible I take those breaks in our nation’s National Parks. This year I was able to visit part of the grand circle from Southern Utah to the Canadian border. I thought I would share some of my favorite memories in the hope that many plans will be hatched on your part for road trips and camping trips in the coming year.

Glacier National Park is our first stop!

Grinell Lake


Earthquake Lake


A massive park which spans from Montana into Canada and includes a great man lakes surrounded by the dramatic elevation changes of the Rocky Mountains.

Views of the Highline Trail


Bowman Lake


In Glacier National Park the high elevation grants the opportunity to see mountain goats and sheep on the trails and parking lots. I especially the picture of the male Ram looking with distain at the park Chevy pickup truck!



Clinic closed from July 2nd-19th


I will be heading out to spend time backpacking in Montana, Wyoming and Idaho for a few weeks. Please use the online scheduler to book your appointments now for the week I return. Happy 4th of July!

Moving Video

I often recommend patients make a real effort to get up and move more during their day. We spend so much of our lives now sitting at work, in the car or at home. It seems natural to us at this point in our development as a modern society that this should be the natural way to both work and rest. With all these comfortable chairs and couches around why expend the effort to stand. Ask anybody who has gotten their HR department to pay for a standing desk and you will hear why. Our bodies were not made to be sedentary. They were designed to walk and move and even crouch at times when we needed to work with our hands. It was not designed to sit for hours on end at the computer or steering wheel on even fully reclined at home in front of the TV. It is nearly impossible to keep a good posture during any of these activities and so taking a break and moving can be a beneficial way to improve our circulation, posture, and joint health. I saw this great short film on the TED Videos site and I think it does a great job of articulating why we need to get up and move, not just a little bit from time to time, but as much as possible during our day.