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What to expect during your visit

When you first arrive at our clinic, you will be greeted by your practitioner, Ryan.   You will be taken into a private intake room, where your medical history, chief complaint, and all your questions about Chinese medicine, and how it works, will be discussed.

Patients of the community clinic will then move to a treatment room, which they will share with a few other patients.  This allows a great reduction in the cost of care. No undressing will be done in this setting, but patients will need to wear clothes that allow access to the areas of the lower legs (knee to toes) and arms (elbows to fingers). Please dress in a way that will allow the area to be treated while always maintaining your modesty in the communal setting. Blankets will be provided for warmth and draping in the clinic. Treatment in the Community Clinic will last 40-50 minutes after the initial visit evaluation, and patients are encouraged to book a full re-evaluation visit every 4-6 treatments to allow extended discussion of progress and new patient goals.

If you are more comfortable with private acupuncture sessions, please book a private appointment. Additional time can be booked for in depth examinations of the patient’s diet, supplements, and weight loss goals. These are all topics that patients often find more comfortable in private settings.

Please bring these FORMS to your first appointment.

Our affordable rates:

Initial Visit Costs: $35-65 dollars per visit. Please pay what you can afford to pay in that range.

Return Visit Cost: $25-45 dollars per visit. Please pay what you can afford based on the needed frequency of visits.

Re-evaluation and Extended Consult: $30-60 dollars per visit. This is to address new complicated concerns and deeper questioning by the patient in private.

Private Treatments: $70 dollars per visit. Additional half hour of massage can be purchased as needed by the patient.

Therapeutic Chinese Medical Massage: $60 for a 50-minute massage.

ALL CANCELLATIONS OR NO SHOWS WITHIN 24 HOURS ARE SUBJECT TO A $20 FEE. This is done, not to penalize the patient, but as the only means of ensuring that the clinic can offer the low rates that it does. In order to have a functioning community clinic, the patients must become part of that community and take responsibility for their commitments. Thank you for your understanding about the importance of this issue of professional conduct.